More difficult to make, takes a little more time, stylish, easy to modify, can make a great desk for your office.

Skill Level
Estimated Cost
Estimated Time

Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (1-1/4"):

  • (10) Flange - (673-106HC)
  • (2) 90 Degree Elbow - (672-406HC)
  • (4) Single Socket Tee - (670-106HC)
  • (1) 30" Non-Threaded Pipe
  • (4) 26" Non-Threaded Pipe
  • (2) 15" Non-Threaded Pipe
  • (2) 4" Non-Threaded Pipe

Other Supplies:

  • (24) Flat Head Wood Screws 3/4" length; must be #12 or higher
  • (1) Wood Top - 34" w x 18" long x 3/4" thick


  • (1) Allen Wrench - 8 Millimeters

How To

Stage 1

Leg Assembly

Step A:

  • Using one 15” length of pipe, secure two Single Socket Tee’s to each end
  • Lightly secure using an Allen Wrench

Step B:

  • Slide two lengths of 26” pipe through the vertical openings of the Single Socket Tee’s
  • At the base and top of each 26" pipe, secure a flange
  • Adjust the pipes so they are flush
  • Repeat the above steps to construct the second set of legs

Stage 2

Secure the Table Top

  • Place the table top above the flanges and with a pencil, mark where the screws will go.
  • Take the top off, and pre-drill where you have marked.
  • Disconnect the flanges at the top of each leg to be secured onto the table bottom.
  • After pre-drilling, place the flanges above where you pre-drilled and secure them to the table.
  • Place the table top on the legs and secure firmly using the Allen Wrench.

Stage 3

Back-Bar Assembly

Step A:

  • Place a 90 Degree Elbow at the each end of the 30” length of pipe.
  • Lightly secure with the Allen Wrench.
  • In the bottom opening of each Elbow, place the 4” length of pipe and lightly secure with the Allen Wrench.
  • At the base of each 4” pipe, secure the remaining Flanges.

Step B:

  • Lay the completed back-bar on the table top and position where you want it.
  • Mark the drill holes with a pencil.
  • Predrill where marked.
  • Using the drill, screw in the Flanges and secure the Back-Bar to the table top