Stair Railing

Stair Railing

Easy Assemble Stair Railing with SteelTek!

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Estimated Cost
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Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (1-1/4"):

  • (3) Internal Swivel Tee - (674-706HC)
  • (3) Single Socket Tee - (670-106HC)
  • (3) Double Tab Offset Flange - (679-806HC)
  • (3) 42" Non Threaded Pipe
  • (1) 120" Non Threaded Pipe

Other Supplies:

  • (6) Screws (screw type depends on substrate)
  • Pipe Cap


  • Allen Wrench - 8 Millimeter
  • Drill

How To

Stage 1

Installing Flanges

  • Start by Installing the Double Tab Offset Flange (679-806HC) at the base of the stairs.
  • You will want to pre-drill into the substrate you will be installing this to.
  • Once pre-drilled use screws or nuts and bolts to secure the Double Tab Offset Flange (679-806HC).

Steel•Tek Professional Tip

When installing stair railing, the Double Tab Offset Flange can be replaced with the following fittings: Flange, Standard Rail Flange, Angled Flange, Wall Flange, Rail Support , Rail Support Vertical and Rail Support Horizontal.

Stage 2

Building Supports

  • Take 42” pipe and slide it into each Double Tab Offset Flange (679-806HC) then tighten set screws.
  • Slide a Single Socket Tee (670-106HC) onto Each 42” pipe until the top of the pipe is barely showing then tighten set screws. Make sure the Single Socket Tees (670-106HC) are all pointed the same direction.
  • Take the Internal Swivel Tee (674-706HC) and install the bottom into the Single Socket Tee. Lightly tighten the set screw to have wiggle room and make sure they are all pointed in the same direction.

Stage 2

Installing Rail

  • Take a 10’ pipe and slide it through all three of the Internal Swivel Tees (674-706HC).
  • Make sure the pipe is centered then tighten set screws.
  • Double check all the set screws for any that may be loose.


Finished Rail