Small Shelf

Small Shelf

Easy to install, Extra storage for organization, Small design for minimum space

Skill Level
Estimated Cost
Estimated Time

Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (3/4"):

  • (6) Standard Rail Flange - (673-304HC)
  • (4) 90° Elbow - (672-504HC)
  • (2) Single Socket Tees - (670-104HC)
  • (6) 6" Non-Threaded Pipe
  • (2) 18" Non-Threaded Pipe

Other Supplies:

  • (2) 18" x 6" Wood Shelves
  • (12) 1-1/2" Wood Screws
  • (4) 3/4 Wood Screws (For Offset Flange if used)


  • (1) Allen Wrench - 6 Millimeters

How To

Mounting Studs and Installing 6" Pipe

  • Start by installing the (6) Standard Railing Flanges to studs in your wall.
  • Insert your (6) 6” pipes into all of the Standard Railing Flanges and tighten set screws.

Steel•Tek Professional Tip

  • Measure according to the size of your vertical pipes.
  • I Installed the middle Standard Railing Flanges a little higher so that the DVD cases rested on the top horizontal bars.

Assembling Vertical Bars

  • Take your (2) 18” pipes and slide a Single Socket Tee onto each one.
  • Attach Elbows, to each end of (2) 18" pipes, so that the elbows and Single Socket Tees are facing the same direction then tighten set screws.

Installing Vertical Bars

  • Attach (4) Elbows and (2) Single Socket Tees, connected to (2) 18” pipes, to open ends of (6) 6” pipe then tighten set screws.

Placing Wood Pieces

  • Place wood peices on bottom and middle (4) 6” pipes and your small shelf is done.

Steel•Tek Professional Tip

  • If you would like to secure the shelves down better we offer Offset Flanges that are perfect for the job.
  • Just slide the Offset Flanges onto the bottom and middle 6” pipes.
  • Secure with wood screws by going through the bottom hole of Offset Flange and into wood piece.