Get the plans for this quick and easy way to build a new mailbox.

Skill Level
Estimated Cost
Estimated Time

Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (1-1/4"):

  • (1) Flange - (673-106HC)
  • (1) Ground Socket - (673-406HC)
  • (1) 36" Non-Threaded Pipe - (566-360PE30HC)

Other Supplies:

  • (4) Wood Screws
  • (1) Wood Piece (to attach to bottom of mailbox)
  • Cement (to secure gorund socket)


  • (1) Allen Wrench - 8 Millimeters
  • Drill

How To

Stage 1

Attaching Flange to Mailbox

  • Start by taking your mailbox and attaching a wood piece to the bottom. Most hardware stores will sell this wood to perfectly fit under the mailbox.
  • Attached your Flange (673-106HC) to the bottom of the wood piece using wood screws. Make sure you get the appropriate length of screws o they do not go through the wood.

Stage 2

Bury Ground Socket

  • Dig a hole and bury your Ground Socket (674-406HC).

Steel•Tek Professional Tip

  • To secure the Ground Socket (673-406HC) even more, we poured cement into the hole.
  • Also, make sure you set screw is visible so that you can secure your pipe once buried.

Stage 3

Attaching Base

  • Slide 36" pipe into Ground Socket (673-406HC) and secure set screw.
  • Slide the top of the pipe into Flange (673-106HC) attached to bottom of Mailbox and secure set screw.