Kitchen Shelf

Kitchen Shelf

Shelf for kitchen organization!

Skill Level
Estimated Cost
Estimated Time

Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (3/4"):

  • (10) Black Flange - (683-104HC)
  • (6) Black Single Socket Tee - (680-104HC)
  • (2) Black Elbow (682-504HC)
  • (8) 24" Non Threaded Black Pipe - (584-240PE30HC)
  • (2) 72" Non Threaded Black Pipe - (584-720PE30HC)

Other Supplies:

  • (4) 18" x 36" Wood Shelf
  • (32) Wood Screws (Long enough to go into stud)
  • (24) Wood Screws (Long enough to go through pipe and into wood shelf)


  • Allen Wrench - 6 Millimeter
  • Drill

How To

Stage 1

Drilling Into PIpes

  • Take 8 of the 24” Black Pipe (584-240PE30HC) and drill three holes into each. Make sure to space them apart evenly.

Steel•Tek Professional Tip

  • You can use an Offset Flange (689-904HC) for each pipe to avoid drilling through pipe.

Stage 2

Building Legs

  • Take a 6’ pipe (584-720PE30HC) and cap the top with an Elbow (682-504HC)
  • Slide three Single Socket Tees (680-104HC) on the pipe, making sure all the set screws are facing the same direction, then cap the bottom with a Flange (683-104HC).
  • Adjust heights according to desired shelf height, make sure the bottom inserts of all the Single Socket Tees (680-104HC) are facing the same direction then tighten set screws.
  • Create another one and mirror it to the first leg.

Stage 3

Building Shelf Supports

  • Take 8 24” (584-240PE30HC) pipe and and slide them into the open ends of each Single Socket Tee (680-104HC) then tighten set screws.
  • Cap each 24” (584-240PE30HC) pipe of with a Flange (683-104HC) then tighten set screws.

Stage 4

Installing Shlef Supports

  • Place Flanges (683-104HC) attached to the legs against the wall at the desired lenfth and mark the screw Flange (683-104HC) holes.
  • For easiest installation, remove Flanges (673-104HC) and install them into area where holes are marked using wood screws.
  • It would be preferable to install the Flanges (683-104HC) directly into the studs to reduce the chance of failure.
  • Slide the open ends of pipes into open ends of flanges then tighten set screws.

Stage 5

Installing Shelves

  • Use wood screws to go through the holes you drilled in the pipe and into the wood pieces.
  • Make sure the screws are not too long but long enought to go through the pipe and into the wood.

Steel•Tek Professional Tip

  • If you decided to use the Offset Flanges (689-904HC) all you will need to do is go through the screw hole and into the wood. No drilling required.