Decorative Coffee Table

Decorative Coffee Table

Skill Level
Estimated Cost
Estimated Time

Tools & Materials

Steel•Tek Supplies (1-1/4"):

  • (8) Standard Rail Flange - (673-206HC)
  • (4) Side Outlet Tee - (671-606HC)
  • (2) 24" Non-Threaded Pipes
  • (2) 8" Non-Threaded Pipes
  • (4) 10" Non-Threaded Pipes

Other Supplies:

  • (8) Flat Head 3/4" length Wood Screws, screw head must be #12 or higher
  • (1) Wood Top - 12" wide x 28" long x 3/4" thick


  • (1) Allen Wrench - 8 Millimeters

How To

Stage 1

Assemble Cross Brace

  • At the end of each 24” length of pipe, loosely secure a Side Outlet Tee.
  • Place the 8” length of pipe into the open ends of the Side Outlet Tee’s and loosely secure them using the Allen Wrench.

Stage 2

Base Assembly

  • Slide each of the 10” lengths of pipe through vertical openings of the Side Outlet Tees.
  • Adjust to your desired height and secure using the Allen Wrench.
  • Place a Standard Rail Flange at the bottom of each 10” length of pipe.
  • Secure firmly using the Allen Wrench.

Stage 3

Top Assembly

  • Place the remaining Standard Rail Flanges at the top of the 10” lengths of pipe. Do not secure to the pipe.
  • Lay the table top onto the top Flanges and move them to where desired. Mark where the screws will go with a pencil.
  • Pre-drill where you have marked to keep the wood from cracking.
  • Next screw in the flanges so they are secure to the bottom of the table top.
  • Place the Flanges onto the top of the 10” lengths of pipe and secure firmly with the Allen Wrench.