Bicycle Exercise Stand

Bicycle Exersice Stand

Get active during those cold months with the SteelTek Stationary Bicycle Exercise Stand!

Skill Level
Estimated Cost
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Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (3/4"):

  • (2) Three Socket Cross - (687-604HC)
  • (4) Elbow - (682-504HC)
  • (2) Adjustable Side Outlet - (684-804HC)
  • (2) End Plug - (688-404HC)
  • (6) 12" Non Threaded Pipe
  • (3) 18" Non Threaded Pipe
  • (2) 6" Non Threaded Pipe

Other Supplies:

  • Bicycle
  • Bicycle Tire Pegs


  • Allen Wrench - 6 Millimeter
  • Hammer

How To

Stage 1

Building Base Part 1

  • First, Take 4 12” pipes and slide them into each side of the Three Socket Cross (687-604HC) as shown in above diagram.
  • Do not block the vertical holes.

Steel•Tek Professional Tip

Tip: Slide a pipe in the vertical hole then attach the other pipes. Doing this ensures the vertical hole will not be blocked.

Stage 2

Building Base Part 2

  • Take the two pieces built in Stage 1 and connect the Three Socket Crosses (687-604HC) using an 18” pipe.
  • Take two 18” pipes and attach an Elbow (682-504HC) to each side. Make sure the holes are facing the same direction then tighten set screws.
  • Attach the 18” pipes with the Elbows (682-504HC) attached to the open ends of the pipe connected to the Three Socket Crosses (687-604HC) then tighten set screws.
  • See above chart for clarification.

Stage 3

Attaching Legs

  • Slide a 12” pipe into the vertical hole of the Three Socket Cross (687-604HC) then tighten set screw. Do the same on the other side.
  • Attach and Adjustable Side Outlet (684-804HC) to the top of the 12” vertical pipe. Make sure the horizontal holes and the Adjustable Side Outlets 684-804HC) are not being blocked  by the pipe then tighten set screws.

Stage 4

Attaching Tire Holders

  • This next step will need to be installed while the peg hooks are on the bike.
  • Start by hammering the End Plugs 688-404HC) into one end of two 6” pipes.
  • Line up the tires pegs against the inside of the horizontal hole of the Adjustable Side Outlet (684-804HC).
  • Slide the open end of the 6“ pipe into the outside of the Adjustable Side Outlet (684-804HC) and into the tire pegs.
  • Do the same thing to the other side then tighten set screws.

Stage 5