Patio Table

SteelTek Patio Table for the outdoor party host!

Skill Level expert
Estimated Cost most
Estimated Time clock-60

Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (3/4"):
  • (16) Black Elbow - (682-504HC)
  • (8) Black Single Socket Tee - (680-104HC)
  • (4) Black Offset Flange - (689-904HC)
  • (2) Black Double Tab Offset Flange - (689-804HC)
  • (2) 42.5" Black Non Threaded Pipe
  • (4) 24" Black Non Threaded Pipe - (584-240PE30HC)
  • (4) 14.5" Black Non Threaded Pipe
  • (4) 13.5" Black Non Threaded Pipe
  • (4) 12" Black Non Threaded Pipe - (584-120PE30HC)
  • (2) 2" Black Non Threaded Pipe
Other Supplies:
  • 78" x 27.5" Top Wood Piece
  • 18" x 18" Wood Box
  • (8) Wood Screws
  • Allen Wrench - 6 Millimeter
  • Drill

How To

Step 1

Building Top Frame

Stage 1
  • Slide one Offset Flange (683-104HC) and two Single Socket Tees (680-104HC) onto each of the 42-1/2” pipe.
  • Secure the Offset Flange (689-904HC) to the middle and the Single Socket Tees (680-104HC) at 10 inches from end of each pipe. Make sure the opening of the Single Socket Tees (680-104HC) face the same direction.
  • Take a Double Tab Offset Flange (689-804HC) and secure in the middle of two 24“ pipes.
  • Secure each end of the two 24” pipes into the open ends of the Single Socket Tees (680-104HC). This will connect the two 42-1/2” pipes.
  • As you build the top, make sure all of the screws on your connectors are facing down or to the inside.

Step 2

Building Frame

Stage 2
  • Attach an Elbow (682-504HC) at each open end of each 42-1/2” pipe. Make sure the Elbows are facing down.
  • Attach a 14-1/2“ pipe to each Elbow (682-504HC). These will form the four legs of the table. Attach an Elbow (682-504HC) at the bottom of each 14-1/2” leg and turn them inward.
  • Attach a 13-1/2“ pipe onto the open end of each Elbow (682-504HC) at the ends of the legs.
  • Attach an Elbow (682-504HC) onto the end of each of the 13-1/2” pieces. Secure them flat against your surface and turn inward toward the center of the frame.
  • Slide a Single Socket Tee (680-104HC) onto two 24” pipes and secure them in the center of each.
  • Attach each end of the 24” pipes to the Elbow (682-504HC) on the 13-1/2“ pieces. The Single Socket Tees (680-104HC) on the 24” pipes should be facing up.

Step 3

Building Box Support

Stage 3
  • Center two Single Socket Tees (680-104HC) on two 12” pipes and two Offset Flanges (689-904HC) on two 12” pipes.
  • Create a square using the four 12” pipes and the four remaining Elbows (682-504HC).
  • Make sure the two 12” pipes with Offset Flanges (689-904HC) and two 12” pipes with the Single Socket Tees (680-104HC) are on opposite ends of the square and the Single Socket Tees (680-104HC) are facing down.

Step 4

Attaching Box Support

Stage 4
  • Attach the Box Support square built in the last step to the main base using 2” pipes to connect the Single Socket Tees (680-104HC).

Step 5

Attaching Wood Top and Box

Stage 5
  • Secure top wood pieces and box to Offset Flange (689-904HC) and Double Offset Flanges (689-804HC) using wood screws.
  • Wood slabs can be used as shown in the image but you will need to add more Offset Flanges (689-904HC) or secure them using mounting plates. 

Step 6


Stage 6

For Instructions on how to build the Wood Top and Wood Box follow link