Patio Frame

Easily designed frame for any area!

Skill Level intermediate
Estimated Cost most
Estimated Time clock-50

Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (3/4"):
  • (6) Flange - (673-104HC)
  • (4) Side Outlet Elbow - (672-804HC)
  • (4) Three Socket Tee - (670-404HC)
  • (2) 120" Non Threaded Pipe
  • (6) 96" Non Threaded Pipe
  • (3) 60" Non Threaded Pipe
Other Supplies:
  • String Lights
  • Allen Wrench - 6 Millimeter

How To

Step 1

Assembling Roof

Stage 1
  • Take a 60” pipe and connect the middle hole of the Three Socket Tee (670-404HC) to each side. Make sure the horizontal through hole is not blocked.
  • Slide each Three Socket Tee (670-404HC) connected to the pipe built in step 1 onto 120“ pipes. Center and tighten set screws.
  • Take two Three Socket Tees (670-404HC) and slide one of each onto a 120" pipe.
  • Take (2) 60” pipes and attach a Side Outlet Elbow (672-804HC) to each side of pipe. Make sure the open ends of the Side Outlet Elbows (670-404HC) are facing the same direction. Also make sure the vertical holes are not being blocked. Build this step twice and make sure to mirror the second one to the first one.
  • Attach each pipe with the Side Outlet Elbows (670-404HC) built in last step to each end of 120“ pipe making a square. Slide the 120” pipe all the way into the Side Outlet Elbows (670-404HC) then tighten set screws.
  • Measure 12-18” from middle bar to Three Socket Tee (670-404HC) then tighten set screws.

Step 2

Attaching Legs

Stage 2
  • This next step will be easier if you build it upside down.
  • Slide a 96” pipe into each vertical open end of Side Outlet Elbow (672-804HC) and Slide a 96” pipe into each open vertical end of Three Socket Tees (670-404HC) then tighten set screws.
  • Cap each open end of 96” pipe with a Flange (673-104HC) then tighten set screws.

Step 3


Stage 3