Hallway Table

Stylize your hallway with this simple industrial looking table.

Skill Level beginner
Estimated Cost moderate
Estimated Time clock-45

Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (1-1/4):
  • (14) 1-1/4" Flange: (673-106HC)
  • (4) 1-1/4 Side Outlet Tee: (671-606HC)
  • (2) 1-1/4" Three Socket Tee: (670-406HC)
  • (4) 1-1/4" Single Socket Tee: (670-106HC)
  • (2) 1-1/4" Side Outlet Elbow: (672-806HC)
  • (4) 1-1/4" x 29" Pipe
  • (2) 1-1/4" x 16" Pipe
  • (5) 1-1/4" x 10" Pipe
  • (2) 1-1/4" x 22" Pipe
  • (4) 1-1/4" x 2" Pipe
Other Supplies:
  • (1) Upper Table Top: 12" wide x 18" long x 1" thick
  • (1) Lower Table Top: 12" wide x 24" long x 1" thick
  • (32) Wood Screws: 3/4" length screw head must be #12 or higher
  • (1) Allen Wrench - 8 Millimeters
  • (1) Drill: for predrilling holes and securing SteelTek fittings

How To

Step 1

Left Horizontal Brace Assembly

Stage 1
  • Gather the shown pieces.
  • Slide the Single Socket Tee’s onto each end of the 22” pipe first.
  • Next slide the Side Outlet Elbow onto one end, and the Three Socket Tee onto the other. Using the Allen Wrench, slightly tighten the fittings onto the pipe, but not too tight so you can adjust to make all angles square.
  • Using a 10” length of pipe, slide the Side Outlet Elbows onto each end and tighten with the Allen Wrench.

It's a good idea to lightly tighten the fittings while constructing this project. When it is fully built, then go ahead and firmly secure all the fittings.

Step 2

Right Horizontal Brace Assembly

Stage 2
  • Lay out all pieces and pipes shown in a square.
  • Secure a Side Outlet Tee to each end of the 10” lengths of pipe. Loosely secure for future corrections.
  • Use the 16” lengths of pipe to square the right bracing.  Secure the Side Outlet Tee’s  to the 16” pipe.

Step 3

Begin Vertical Support Assembly

Stage 3
  • Slide the left Horizontal Brace onto the bottom half of two 29” lengths of pipe. Do not tighten the nuts for this Brace yet.
  • Slide the right horizontal brace onto the four 29” lengths of pipe. Secure it to the pipe using the Allen Wrench at the desired height.

Step 4

Finish Vertical Support Assembly

Stage 4
  • Place the last two 10” lengths of pipe under the Side Outlet Elbows of the left Horizontal Brace. Using the Allen Wrench, secure these pieces together.
  • Level the left horizontal brace, then secure the Three Socket Tees firmly together with the Allen Wrench.
  • At the base of each leg, secure a flange.
  • Place the 2” lengths of pipe into the upturned Single Socket Tee’s and lightly secure. Firmly secure a flange to the top of each 2” length of pipe. Some adjustments may be needed to make sure these are flush against the table top.
  • The last four flanges need to be secured to the top of the 29” lengths of pipe.

Step 5

Final Construction

Stage 5
  • Place each table top on its legs.
  • Adjust the legs so all flanges are flush against the table tops. then firmly secure.
  • With a pencil, mark where each screw will need to go.
  • Pre-drill where you have marked to keep from cracking the wood.
  • Take the flanges off of the top legs, and screw them to where you have marked on the table undersides.
  • Secure the flanges to the legs.