Fence Wood Rack

Keep your wood dry with the Fence Wood Rack

Skill Level beginner
Estimated Cost less
Estimated Time clock-25

Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (3/8"):
  • (4) Standard Rail Flange - (673-304HC)
  • (2) 90° Elbow - (672-504HC)
  • (2) Single Socket Tees - (670-104HC)
  • (4) 6" Non-Threaded Pipe
  • (2) 36" Non-Threaded Pipe
Other Supplies:
  • Woos Screws
  • Allen Wrench - 5 Millimeter
  • Drill
  • Hammer

How To

Step 1

Attaching Flanges

Stage 1
  • Start by screwing in the Standard Railing Flange (673-302HC) into the horizontal wood beam along your fence. You can base the width off of what size pieces of wood you plan on storing.
  • Place a 6" pipe into each Standard Railing Flange (673-302HC) then tighten set screws.

Step 2

Building Vertical Beams

Stage 2
  • Take two 36” pipe and attach and Elbow (672-504HC) to the bottom of each pipe then tighten set screws.
  • Slide a Single Socket Tee (670-104HC) until centered.

Step 3

Attaching Vertical Beams

Stage 3
  • Attach the Elbow (672-504HC) on bottom of 36” pipe to the bottom 6” pipe attached to Standard Railing Flange (673-304HC).
  • Adjust Single Socket Tee (672-504HC) until it matches the top 6” pipe attached to Standard Railing flange then tighten set screw.
  • Follow the same steps for the other side.

Step 4


Stage 4