Dog Bowl

Customizable bowls for your furry friends!

Skill Level beginner
Estimated Cost less
Estimated Time clock-30

Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (3/4"):
  • (8) Standard Rail Flange - (673-204HC)
  • (4) Single Swivel Socket - (677-304HC)
  • (4) Swivel Base - (676-904HC)
  • (8) 6" Non Threaded Pipe - (564-060PE30HC)
Other Supplies:
  • (1) Dog Bowl Housing Substrate
  • (3) Dog Bowls
  • (16) Substrate specific screws
  • Allen Wrench - 6 Millimeter
  • Drill

How To

Step 1

Building Legs

Stage 1
  • Take a 6” pipe and slide the Single Swivel Sockets (677-304HC) side that goes through onto the pipe.
  • Cap this pipe off with a Standard Railing Flange (673-204HC) on both ends. Tighten set screws on Flanges, butt Single Swivel Socket against Standard Rail Flange on bottom of leg then tighten set screws.
  • Attach a 6” pipe to the other side of the Single Swivel Socket (677-304HC) which is side of the fitting that does not go through. Tighten set screw.
  • Cap the end of that 6” pipe off with a Swivel Base (676-904HC) then tighten set screw.
  • Build this step 4 times

Step 2

Attaching Legs to Bowl Holder

Stage 2
  • Attach the Swivel Bases (676-904HC) and Standard Railing Flanges (673-204HC) with the appropriate screws according to your substrate.
  • Match what is in above figure.

Step 3


Stage 3