Decorative Lamp

Brighten up your home with a custom built SteelTek Lamp!

Skill Level intermediate
Estimated Cost moderate
Estimated Time clock-30

Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (3/8"):
  • (5) Black Elbow - (682-502HC)
  • (2) Black Coupling - (684-902HC)
  • (4) 4" Non Threaded Black Pipe - (582-040PE30HC)
  • (1) 6" Non Threaded Black Pipe - (582-060PE30HC)
  • (1) 12" Non Threaded Black Pipe - (582-120PE30HC)
Other Supplies:
  • Portfolio Lamp Kit
  • Lamp Shade
  • Allen Wrench - 5 Millimeters
  • Screw Driver

How To

Step 1

Feeding Electrical Cord Through Pipe & Fittings

Stage 1
  • First, line up all the fittings and pipe next to each other based on how they will be assembled.
  • The portfolio lamp kit comes with a several rubber stoppers and a threaded rod.
  • There is a rubber stopper that fits perfectly into the 3/8" Coupling and this is what we will use for this build.
  • Take the wire provided in the portfolio lamp kit and, in order, feed it through all the fittings, pipe, rubber stopper and threaded rod provided in portfolio lamp kit.
  • See Stage 1 chart for image of path.

Step 2

Installing Lamp Socket and Harp

Stage 2
  • Place the threaded rod into the rubber stopper and place the rubber stopper into the coupling, making it flush to the end of the coupling.
  • Secure rubber stopper with threaded rod by tightening the coupling set screw.
  • Place your lamp harp on the top with the threaded rod going through the harp hole located on the bottom of the harp. 
  • Take the bottom of the socket off and install it into the threaded rod with the wires going through the threaded rod. 
  • This is the point you will want to install the wires into the socket per the instructions provided in the portfolio lamp kit.
  • Lastly, install the lamp shade into the top of the harp.

Step 3


Stage 3