Corner Desk

Great for any office! Utilizes space and great storage!

Skill Level intermediate
Estimated Cost moderate
Estimated Time clock-60

Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (3/4"):
  • (10) Flange: (673-104HC)
  • (3) Side Outlet Tee: (671-604HC)
  • (2) Single Socket Tee: (670-104HC)
  • (2) Single Swivel Socket: (677-304HC)
  • (6) 28" Non-Threaded Pipe
  • (2) 10' Non-Threaded Pipe (Cut to x2 47" and x2 13")
Other Supplies:
  • (1) Desk Top
  • (40) Wood Screws
  • Stud Guards
  • (1) Allen Wrench - 6 Millimeters
  • (1) Drill

How To

Step 1

Installing Flanges

Stage 1
  • Start by lining up two Flanges on each side of the bottom of the table and one Flange in the back middle (as shown in picture).
  • Use your support pipe to help measure the length between each leg
  • Mark holes, pre-drill then Install flanges into pre-drilled holes, with wood screws.
  • When creating the wood top for the table we used stud guards to connect the pieces of wood together which is displayed in the second and third pictures.

Step 2

Attaching Legs

Stage 2
  • Slide the 28" pipes, which will be the legs, into each of the Flanges installed on the bottom of your table.
  • Tighten set screws.

Step 3

Building the Base

Stage 3
  • Take one Side Outlet Tee and attach two 47" pipes onto each side of fitting (as shown in picture). Make sure not to slide the pipe too far in the fitting as not to block the hole for the vertical pipe (Legs).
  • Slide top part of Single Swivel Socket onto each open end of 47" vertical pipe.
  • Attach 28" pipe in bottom of both Single Swivel Sockets and tighten set screws.
  • Attach Side Outlet Tee to open ends of each 47" pipe
  • Slide 13" pipes into open end of each Side Outlet Tee and tighten set screw.
  • Last, attach bottom of Single Socket Tee to open end of 13" pipe. Tighten set screw.
  • Again, make sure that all vertical holes in the fittings are not being blocked so the legs slide through.

Step 4

Attaching Base to Legs

Stage 4
  • Take the base built in Stage 3 and slide from the bottom of the legs until at desired height then tighten all set screw.
  • Lastly, slide the bottom of legs into Flanges and tighten set screws.
  • Its is probably best to use a level to make sure that the base is nice and straight.