Conference Room Table

Make Your Conference Room Pop With This Simple To Build Table

Skill Level beginner
Estimated Cost moderate
Estimated Time clock-45

Tools & Materials

SteelTek Supplies (3/4"):
  • (12) Flange: (673-104HC)
  • (8) Single Socket Tee: (670-104HC)
  • (2) 4" Non-Threaded Pipe
  • (2) 5" Non-Threaded Pipe
  • (4) 28" Non-Threaded Pipe
  • (2) 67" Non-Threaded Pipe
Other Supplies:
  • (1) Wood Top: 36" wide x 72" long x 3/4" thick
  • (16) Wood Screws: 1/2" long, screw head must be #12 or higher
  • (1) Allen Wrench: - 6 Millimeters
  • (1) Drill: for predrilling and securing SteelTek fittings to wood

How To

Step 1

  • (4) 36in pipes cut to 28 inches for legs.
  • (2) 72in pipes cut to 67 inches for cross beams
  • (2) 5in pipes left over from 72in pipes
  • (2) 4in pipes
  • (1) Wood piece cut to 3ft x 6ft
  • Stain and treat wood as desired.

Step 2

Assembling Cross Beams

Stage 1
  • Take the two 67in pipes and slide two Single Socket Tee's onto each one.
  • Attach the bottom of two more Single Socket Tee's onto each end of 67in pipe. Make sure not to go too far in as not to block the hole for the 28in vertical pipes.
  • Tighten Set Screws of Single Socket Tee's attached on each end.

Step 3

Attaching Cross Beams to Legs

Stage 2
  • Slide 28in pipe legs into Single Socket Tee's attached to each end of cross beams.
  • Attach Flanges on top and bottom of 28in pipe legs.
  • Tighten Set Screws on Flanges.

Step 4

Installing Flanges

Stage 3
  • Face table top on ground facing down and place Flanges attached to legs on the table.
  • Adjust legs so that the Flanges are equal distance from the end of the table.
  • Use a pen or pencil to mark the Flange holes.
  • Pre drill holes and then install Flanges.
  • A good way to make sure you don't go to far through the wood when predrilling is to wrap a piece of tape around the drill bit of where you want to stop.
  • Drill Slowly to avoid cracking wood.

Step 5

Installing Middle Support Flanges

Stage 4
  • Place the 4in support pipes in the Single Socket Tee's on one cross beam and your 5in support pipes to the other cross beam and tighten Set Screws.
  • Slide the center support pipes into Flanges and mark the Flange holes on the table.
  • Predrill marked Flange holes then secure Flanges to table.
  • Tighten Set Screws on Flanges and Single Socket Tee's to secure 4in and 5in pipes.
  • Tighten Single Socket Tee's attached to cross beams to legs.