Spotlight: Trent Davis Workbench

Spotlight: Trent Davis Workbench

Posted on: July 27, 2017

Hello fellow Designers, Creators, DIYers, Builders etc and welcome back to the SteelTek Blog. Generated from a company deeply rooted in rough plumbing for over 40 years, SteelTek is the brainchild of today’s society realizing that Steel Pipes and Fittings can be used for more than just plumbing! Modern and Industrial style furniture is taking off and we are excited to share our projects. These designs allow the everyday person to create unique and custom pieces that are as easy to build as they are pleasing to the eye!

Welcome back DIYers! Hope the last post was very sparked some creativity for everyone.

This Is our first Spotlight! A spotlight is someone that has sent a project into us which we deem worthy to post on our blog and we are happy to introduce Trent Davis's Workbench! Trent reached out to us via Facebook with a very unique design which is the type of project that we were looking and are happy to spotlight it. View the pictures below and maybe they can inspire you to create something of your very own. For detailed instructions on how Trent created this masterful workbench go to link posted below.

Thanks for visiting the site and keep DIYing!