Tools Needed for Large Projects

Tools Needed for Large Projects

Posted on: November 09, 2017

Welcome back DIYers! We hope the last post was informative and sparked some creativity for everyone. In this post we will be discussing general tools needed to create projects with SteelTek!

Set Screw and Allen Wrench:

One of the most important part of SteelTek is the set screw. The set screw is what is used for attaching the fittings and pipe together. The tool used for tightening these set screws is an allen wrench. The 3/4" fittings use a 6 millimeter allen wrench and the 1-1/4" fittings use a 8 millimeter allen wrench.

Other Tools:

• Drill for screwing in flanges into tables or wall studs

• Drill Bits for pre-drilling holes

• Hammer for hammering in end plugs

• Sander to smooth out the edges of anything that you will use a wood piece for

• Measuring Tape for precise measurements of your pipe needed for your project.

• Level for making sure everything is straight.

As long as you have all of these tools you should be able to tackle any project.

Thank you for visiting SteelTek and keep DIYing!