Spotlight: Tim Harman's DIY Loft Bed

Spotlight: Tim Harman's DIY Loft Bed

Posted on: October 10, 2018
Posted in: Spotlight
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Welcome back to the SteelTek Blog!

On this post we are spotlighting Tim Harman's Loft Bed. These are very simple designs that give the bed a unique and modern look. See below for a list of fittings used for this project.

  • (4) Flange - 673-104HC
  • (4) Elbow - 672-504HC
  • (2) Double Tab Offset Flange - 679-804HC
  • (10) Single Socket Tee - 670-104HC

For step by step Instructions to build this project please click the picture which will direct you to TIm's blog. Thank you for sharing this with us Tim and letting us use your awesome project on our site!

Thanks for visiting and keep DIYing!