SteelTek Lamps

SteelTek Lamps

Posted on: April 27, 2017
Posted in: Project

Hello DIYers and welcome back to the SteelTek blog! We hope the last blog was informative and got your creative juices flowing.

This week we went on a lamp project rampage and created four different SteelTek lamp designs. We thought this would be difficult to pull off, but it ended up being much easier than originally anticipated.

Starting from the drawing board, we were challenged to come up with different and unique designs. Our limited electrical knowledge proved to be the biggest hurdle. However, we quickly found complete lamp kits in our local hardware store. We then purchased our cut pipe lengths and SteelTek fittings to start working.

The lamp kits look intimidating at first but are very user friendly with clear instructions. We had our first lamp working within 20 minutes.  Request for more quickly came in as attention spread throughout our office. Before we knew it, we had created three additional lamp designs. The lamp kits do not offer a wide color range so we started purchasing parts individually. This allowed us to vary things like the socket and pull cord colors. Last, but not least, we finished these lamps off by using 60w Edison bulbs with amber and black tints to compliment the lamp’s distinctive look.

Feel free to take a look below at our finished lamps and maybe they can inspire a design of your very own. Be sure to submit your design for a chance to be spotlighted in an upcoming blog!

Thank you for visiting SteelTek and keep DIYing!