Staining Techniques

Staining Techniques

Posted on: October 19, 2017

Welcome back DIYers! We hope the last post was informative and sparked some creativity. In this post we will go over wood staining for tables, shelves and any other projects using wood.

When staining wood there are several things needed to make your job easier and also to make sure nothing gets ruined.

• A throw cloth: This is used to cover your floor just in case you drip while dipping the brush in the stainer or you spill your bucket of stainer (see image below).

• A paint brush: you don't need any particular type of paint brush, just something that you feel comfortable with and can use multiple times.

• Something to hold your wood piece off of the ground for maximum coverage.

• The stainer you want to use. Most hardware stores have displays of what the stainer looks like finished and at that point it comes down to preference.

• Polyurethane: this is used to protect your wood piece from the elements such as spills or cup rings.

1. First, you want to put your throw cloth down.

2. Next, place your wood piece or pieces on whatever you are using to keep it off the ground. Its always a good idea to sand your wood piece down before this so that it has a clean look.

3. This is when you start to stain. Stir you stainer very well to mix everything together. Place the brush in stainer then move up and down with little pressure until the whole area is covered. Continue this for however many coats until you are satisfied with the look.

4. Lastly, once the stain is dry start to put on a polyurethane coat. Once again, put however many coats needed until you are satisfied. Once the polyurethane dries, your wood piece is completed and ready to install.

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