Spotlight: Maria Welch's Desk

Spotlight: Maria Welch's Desk

Posted on: August 30, 2017
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Welcome again to our Spotlight! A spotlight is someone that has sent a project into us which we deem worthy to post on our blog and we are happy to introduce Maria Welch's Desk.

We stumbled upon this one day doing some SteelTek research and were very impressed with what we found. From the staining of the wood to the placement of the pipe this desk is a true statement to what SteelTek can do. Not only does this desk look fantastic but the detail that Maria put into the item guide, instructional chart and cost breakdown make this a wonderful project that anyone can do.

We thank Maria for using SteelTek to make something really great and look forward to seeing what else she and everyone else can do.

For detailed instructions on how to build Maria's Desk please click the image of the desk.

Thanks for visiting the site and keep DIYing!