Spotlight: Wimberly Cafe's Bar Foot Rail

Spotlight: Wimberly Cafe's Bar Foot Rail

Posted on: April 02, 2020
Posted in: Spotlight

Hi everyone and welcome back to the SteelTek Blog!

In this blog post we are spotlighting something we have though about but have yet to implement it. Wimberly Cafe's Bar Foot Rail helps to create a comfortable experience when sitting at the bar. Not only does a foot rail help to make the customers comfortable but gives this bar a very pleasing aesthetic.

The fittings used for this Foot Rail are very standard fittings which can be found at most Lowe's stores and the details are below. 

  • (24) Flanges - 673-104HC
  • (12) Side Outlet Tees - 671-604HC
  • (3) Rails

This is a very simple project to put together and should take around an hour to build.

We would like to thank Wimberly Cafe for sharing their project with us and we hope to see more projects from more of you soon.

Everyone have a great day and be safe out there during these pressing times.

Thanks for visiting and keep DIYing!