Spotlight: Richard Othus Tractor Roof

Spotlight: Richard Othus Tractor Roof

Posted on: January 06, 2020
Posted in: Spotlight

Hi everyone and welcome back to the SteelTek blog!

We were sent this project, through our project uploader, by Richard Othus. We love posting projects that we have not seen before and this is one of those very unique and well thought out projects.

The Tractor Roof made with 1-1/4" fittings and custom cut to fit this tractor. The fittings used are 90-degree Elbows, Single Socket Tees and Flanges. It also looks like Richard drilled into the pipe and added some screws to keep the pipe secured together. Not only does this project look great but I'm sure it helps on those hot days when you have that big lawn to mow.

Thank you Richard for sharing this with us and we can't wait what else our SteelTek DIYers can create.

Thanks for reading and keep DIYing!