Spotlight: Bare Arm's Brewing Tables

Spotlight: Bare Arm's Brewing Tables

Posted on: May 01, 2018
Posted in: Spotlight

We are back with another spotlight and pleased to showcase the Tasting Room at Bare Arms Brewing located in Waco, TX. Bare Arms Brewing created these tables to accommodate patrons as they enjoy some locally crafted beer. We really appreciate the use of our product and we’re sure the customers of Bare Arms enjoy these tables as well!

These durable industrial style tables have an easy build design making them convenient to use as well as stylish. The tables range from high top seating to low top seating, and as you can see, can seat a whole mess of people. They also attached these tables to casters to allow these tables to be moved in the case of band night or just more room for activities!

If you find yourself at Bare Arms Brewing in Waco, TX please stop in for a beer and get inspired by their utilization of SteelTek!

Thanks for visiting and keep DIYing!