Spotlight: Front Stair Railing

Spotlight: Front Stair Railing

Posted on: February 02, 2020
Posted in: Spotlight

Hi everyone and welcome back to the SteelTek blog!

We are excited to spotlight this project because not only does it look fantastic but it is a very practical application. We have seen a lot of railing but this unique design goes far beyond what we have seen or even put together ourselves.

As you can see the customer who built this project needed some railing to help get up and down these steps outside the front of their house. They found all the pieces and created a original design.

This project uses 1-1/4" fittings. A detailed description of fittings used is listed below.

  • x14 Elbows - (672-506HC)
  • x10 Flanges - (673-106HC)
  • x6 Long Tee - (675-506HC)
  • x2 Obtuse Angle Elbow - (672-406HC)

The railing is installed in post dug into the ground using wood screws through the Flanges.

We would like to thank this customer for letting us use their project on the SteelTek website and hope this inspires everyone to create something just as unique.

Thanks for reading and keep DIYing!