Spotlight: Darryl Harvey's Office

Spotlight: Darryl Harvey's Office

Posted on: May 05, 2020
Posted in: Spotlight

Hi everyone and welcome back to the SteelTek Blog.

In this post we are spotlighting Darryl Harvey's office. Darryl's office has incorporated SteelTek in several pieces of furniture and in ways we have not yet seen. These projects really brought the room together for a cohesive look. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did and they help inspire your creative side!

The shelves, while being a very simple design, is going to be very sturdy because of the squared construction. If you take a closer look Darryl notched out holes on the side of the wood for the pipes to go through which adds a custom look that not a lot of designers take the time to do.

The desk is also a very simple design that compliments the continuous style of the room. The thickness of the wood enforces the long term use of this desk. Darryl has also taken the time to attach panels to the sides and back, closing the desk off and giving it a more professional look.

Now for the Cabinet, which compared to the shelf and desk was a very difficult design. This project immediately caught our attention once submitted by Darryl due to the detailed craftsmanship that was put into this piece. Along with keeping a uniformed theme, the wood panels on the outside give this project the feel of a true cabinet. The use of the Gate Pin and Gate Eye as hinges was also a unique utilization of parts. This piece is not an easy task and we were truly impressed.

Check the images below for other finished projects from Darryl.

We would like to thank Darryl for sharing his office with us and allowing us to spotlight his space on the SteelTek website. Be on the lookout for more of Darryl's designs.

Thanks for visiting and keep DIYing