Spotlight: Vista Murrieta High School Ceramic Class Tables

Hello all you DIYers and welcome back to the SteelTek Blog!

We recently received a project that wowed the entire SteelTek team. Curtis Page of  Vista Murrieta High School decided to use our product to build tables, desks and shelving for his entire classroom. These builds not only helped create homes for the machinery needed to create Ceramics but also gave Curtis the ability to customize his classroom with his own personal style.

We would like to thank Curtis for allowing us to use his images for this spotlight! If you would like to see more of Curtis's work please visit his it in the link.

If you have created a customer design and build using SteelTek, we invite you to share this with us via the uploader on homepage of

See you next time and keep DIYing!

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Posted by Matt Wiseman at 18:00