Spotlight: Michael Corrue's Stair Railing

Hi everyone and welcome back to the SteeTek Blog

Is this blog post we will be spotlighting Michael Corrue’s Stair Railing. Michael was looking for a solution for railing to his mother’s mountain home outdoor stair case. He found SteelTek and decided to use it for his project. SteelTek was the perfect solution for creating the angles he needed build around the stair case.

1-1/4” Galvanized fittings we used for this project and the parts list is below.

  • Flanges – 673-106HC
  • Single Swivel Sockets – 677-306HC
  • Rail Supports – 674-306HC
  • Swivel Elbows – 672-536HC
  • Couplings – 674-906HC
  • Swivel Base – 676-906HC

We would like to thank Michael for using SteelTek and sharing the pictures of his final project for us to use on the website.

If you find inspiration in this post and decide to create something using SteelTek we would greatly appreciate uploading your project to the uploader on the homage of the SteelTek website.

See you next time and Keep DIYing!

Railing Michael Corrue 2 Railing Michael Corrue 3 Railing Michael Corrue 1 Patched
Posted by Matt Wiseman at 18:00