Release of New Sizes and Finishes

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We are excited to officially announce the arrival of a new size, finish and accessory. We have added 3/8” pipe and fittings to complement our existing 3/4” and 1 1/4” offering!  Additionally, we now offer a stylish black finish in the new 3/8” as well as our existing 3/4" lines.  Last, our expanded offering now includes uniquely designed casters for our 3/4” sizes. These products are currently available at 50 Lowe's stores which can be seen in the above map. Click the map image for interactive features to quickly find your nearest store currently stocking these new items!

3/8" Fittings: These new fittings are the perfect size for table top and small projects while still encompassing the resilient properties of the larger fittings. Whether a paper towel holder or legs for an outdoor patio, these smaller fittings will add style and durability to any setting

Black Finish: The Black Finish is being introduced in our new 3/8” and existing 3/4” fittings and pipe. Our electrophoretic zinc coating process creates the new and unique black finish. Adding the innovative black finish is an exceptional counterpart to our existing galvanized industrial look.

3/4" Coupling Casters: We love our existing casters and the options they give users to make a project more mobile. These newly designed casters were designed to be easy on the eye and create a seamless blend throughout your project’s design. These casters eliminate the need for additional hardware such as nuts and bolts due to their affixed couplings sized for direct connection to 3/4" pipe.

Go and check out these new products in store or online at  We are thrilled about the new opportunities these additions allow and hope they continue to inspire your creativity!  Don’t forget to share your projects with us and/or post them to our Facebook page!

Thanks for visiting and keep DIYing!

50 Store Map
680104HC 678514 678614 670102HC 671602HC 2 673102HC 684902HC 689902HC 564120PE30LW Black 564120PE30LW Black 2 680402HC 682802HC 681602HC 687304HC 683104HC 684902HC 688402HC 689902HC 689802HC 684804HC Black 681904HC Black 685804HC Black 688202HC
Posted by Matt Wiseman at 19:00