Railing Systems

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In this post we are showing off some of our customers custom railing they have made. Some of these builds are meant for safety while others bring a very pleasant aesthetic to the room or area. 

Front Yard Stair Rail

Our first custom railing project comes from Greg Csehoski. Greg built this very nice rail on the front of this house's stairs with a custom made pipe created with a bend. This rail brings a safety aspect to the stairs and also looks dang good! The fittings used are 3/4" black Single Swivel Sockets (687-304HC), black Hooks (688-204HC) and black End Caps while the vertical pipes are buried into the ground.

Csehoski Rail 1 Csehoski Rail 3 Csehoski Rail 7 Csehoski Rail 2

Patio Stair Railing

The next custom rail comes from Chuck Knorb. This custom railing is used on steps that go to and from the back patio. The fittings used for this rail are 3/4" black Single Swivel Sockets (687-304HC), black Flanges (683-104HC) and black End Caps (688-404HC).

Check Knorb Railing

Garden Stair Railing

Our next railing system comes from Jack Leibel. Jack created this railing for the ease of reaching the garden of this home. As you can see there are a lot of stairs to trek to and from so a safety rail needed to be created to keep anyone from getting hurt. The fittings used for this rail are 1-1/4" Obtuse Angle Elbow (672-406HC), Standard Railing Flanges (673-206HC) and Adjustable Tee 30-45 degrees (672-906HC).

Leibel Rail 11 Leibel Rail 101

Safety Railing

This railing system comes from Rachel and Adam. Rachel and Adam created this railing system specifically with safety in mind by installing it on a handicap ramp. The fittings used for this rail are 1-1/4" Single Socket Tees (670-106HC), Flanges (673-106HC), Elbows (672-506HC) and Swivel Elbows (672-536HC).

Rachel Adam RailingV2

Guard Railing

This railing system was sent in by Ron Hubrey. The Safety Guard Railing will help prevent anyone from falling down the opening where the stairs are. The fittings used for this rail are 3/8" black Flanges (683-102HC.) that are attached to wooden posts.

Ron Hruby Railing

Silo Ridge

Our last Railing System comes from Silo Ridge and is probably the most well done and aesthetically pleasing rails we have seen yet. The use of this railing system is for safety while also having the sleek industrial look. I will also mention that the horizontal rails are up to code regarding the distance between the pipes. The fittings used for this Railing System are 3/4" black Swivel Bases (686-904HC) for the stairs and black Flanges (683-104HC) for the horizontal rail. 

Silo Ridge Railing 1 Silo Ridge Railing 3 Silo Ridge Railing 2 Silo Ridge Railing 5 Silo Ridge Railing 2V2
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