Kayak Racking Systems

Hello all you DIYers and welcome back to the SteelTek Blog!

In this post we are going to be talking about creating racking specifically for kayaks. We have received several projects on the website from DIYers that have created excellent designs to house and travel with their water toys!

Kayak Rack 1

Our first Kayak Racking comes from Ashley. This is a very simple yet effective design. There are two H-beams that are attached to the Trailer rail using our Offset Flanges and finished off with Flanges installed to the floor of the trailer. The way this racking was designed helps to be able to remove the two H-beams very easily by loosening the set screws on the Offset Flanges and the Flanges and sliding the beams out,


Kayak Rack 2

The next rack comes from Bruce. Bruce lives by the beach and wanted to create an easy way to take his kayak there using his motorcycle. Bruce found SteelTek and created this very creative racking system that allows him to place kayaks, surf boards, etc on top of his motorcycle. This rack can also me removed very easily by loosening the set screws on the Flanges and sliding the pipe out.

20190331 135610

Kayak Rack 3

The third and final rack comes to us from Bobby. This Rack is the most heavy duty out of the three and has specific cubes for each kayak. This rack has a total of six legs while also being connected horizontally giving it the extra support. The middle legs use Flanges connected to the trailer floor while the outside legs use Offset Flanges connected to the trailers rails. This racking system can also easily be removed by loosening the set screws on the Flanges.

Kayak Trailer2

All of these kayak racks were not only meant to show you that racks can be made for Kayaks but that anything can be made with SteelTek. We thank everyone for sharing their images with us and continue to encourage everyone to submit their projects to us via our uploader on the homepage of the website.

See you next time and Keep DIYing!

Kayak Trailer3
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