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Hello all you DIYers and welcome back to the SteelTek Blog!

With a majority of people working from home, due to the pandemic, it is now more crucial than ever to have a comfortable work space at home that fits specific needs. With SteelTek you can build a custom work space that fits any area to get the job done. To help inspire, here are a few examples of custom builds that customers have shared with us.

Shelf Desk

Our first build comes from Carl Padgett. Carl incorporated a shelf into his workspace to help create space, to keep his workstation clean and organized. The different wood finishes give a uniqueness to his build that you will not see in many other designs. The raised monitor is also a nice touch, helping to eliminate the pesky neck problems people develop when sitting at the computer for too long. This build was made with 3/4" black fittings and pipe. Thank you Carl for allowing us to spotlight your project on the site.

Desk Carl Padgett

Single Computer Desk

This next build comes from Chris Carles. This desk is more simplified than the first. While this might be a simple desk, it get the job done and looks great as well. The finish of the wood gives it a different look than the traditional desk and the price of this desk is going to be reasonable because of the minimal amount of fittings being used. The thickness of the wood and the sturdiness of the fittings make this build great for any work or computer needs and perfect for the first time DIYer. This design was made with 1-1/4" fittings and pipe. Thank you Carl for allowing us to use your project on the site.

20180311 231918

Two Tiered Desk

This design comes from Paul Taylor. This build is perfect for a smaller space while still having enough storage area to keep clutter to a minimum. The long desk helps utilize the space of the room and the shelves create storage room for office supplies and documentation. The raised monitor helps with neck strain while also increasing space on the regular desk area. This build was made with 1-1/4" fittings, the most durable size SteelTek offers. Thanks you Paul for allowing us to use your project on the site.

Desk Paul Taylor

U Desk

This build was submitted to our site via the uploaded from a user that did not put in a name so we are not able to give full credit for this build. If you are the user and you see this image please reach out to us and we will add your name to credit you with the build. This design is the ultimate work station creating a U shape for maximum work space. In this picture you can see two work stations created on the desk while still be able to have enough space for a third workstation. The wood is a great aesthetic and the thickness creates a sturdiness for the amount of weight the computer tower, monitors and printer create. This build uses 1-1/4" fittings and pipe and is a very simple design. We thank the anonymous user for submitting this build.

U Desk

With SteelTek, all sorts of shapes and sizes of desks can be built and customized to fit every need of the DIYer. We invite you to build a workstation of your own and experience how easy SteelTek is to use. Please feel free to share your builds with us via the uploader on the homepage of the SteelTek website to help inspire others to create a custom build of their own.

See you next time and keep DIYing!

Posted by Matt Wiseman at 19:00