Ready to Build

Ready to Build

Posted on: August 01, 2017
Posted in: Project

Welcome back DIYers! We hope the last post was informative and sparked some creativity for everyone. In this post we will be discussing how SteelTek is ready to build right out of the bag.

SteelTek fittings and pipe, unlike Malleable fittings, come ready to build with little to no cleaning. SteelTek fittings require absolutly no cleaning, while SteelTek pipes are sold with a minimal amount of oil used to cut the pipe to size and to de-burr the edges for your safety. This means that your project can literally be assembled Straight out of the bag. Gone are the days of instructional pipe cleaning videos that use a plethera of cleaners and chemicals, because with SteelTek, none of that is needed.

Our Galvanized Steel is given a Hot-Dipped Zinc coating to increase durablility and longevity. This anti-rust process also ensures SteelTek items can withstand indoor and outdoor elements.

Thank you for visiting SteelTek and keep DIYing!