Benefits of SteelTek

Benefits of SteelTek

Posted on: November 06, 2019
Posted in: Tips & Tricks

We haven’t done one of these in a while so we decided creative an informative blog for anyone that is new and wanting to learn about SteelTek.  In this post we will be going over the benefits of SteelTek and also comparing SteelTek to threaded pipe fittings.


The very first major benefit of making use of pipe and SteelTek installations to develop and build your own furniture pieces is its convenience. You can just as conveniently develop a bench from fittings as well as pipe.

Your imagination is the only limit to the kinds of home furnishings you can produce making use of pipe as well as installations. Once you discover the essentials of structure furniture with pipe and installations, you’ll rapidly start to see exactly how your next project will be assembled.  

Building furniture with pipe and fittings can be really inexpensive. Structure your own desk made with a customized wood top and also a flexible pipe and suitable base could be around half the price of purchasing a high end flexible desk. Along with the preliminary price, you will certainly get years of usage out of your piece, as well as the included benefit of modularity.

SteelTek vs. Threaded

Threaded Pipe and Fittings

Threaded pipe does not offer you much space to tailor your furnishings layouts. The threading process can leave a lot of oil residue behind and will need to be cleaned thoroughly from the pipe and fittings. One will find that creating a square using the threaded pipe and fittings can be very difficult if not impossible.


SteelTek installations, made from cast iron corrosion-resistant material, provide you a wealth of personalized furnishings design products just unmatched by the available threaded pipe offerings. These types of installations can additionally be painted to a specific color. Cleaning will need to be done on certain lengths of pipe but not nearly as much as threaded. Creating different shapes can also be very easy to do and that includes a square.